Me leen

I'm With you ♥

In english please, Part 1:
Agu: Suck my fingertoe
Vicky: With pleasure (?
Agu: Tellme tellme if you're going with hiiim, tellme if you're going with him ♫
Vicky: Come here quickly, it's an emergency call baby. Come and heal my paaaain, you have the cure of this love ♫
Agu: i make this phnecall for you to come hereeee, can't you see that i'm in pain and is to har this test ♫
Vicky: Realmente no entiendo como desperdiciamos nuestro talento U.U
Agu: Keep singing (??? she's arrebata bata bata blom blom she's arrebata and i don't know what is happening to her ♫
Vicky: if i catch you with another i'll kill you ♫
Agu: i wish you can't make love to her, i wish you can't, hope you die for, have no consuelo, hope you hand bleedout if you acaricias her skin, or if you acaricias her hair ♫
Vicky:i am the adventure, you're the reality, you're the tenderness, i am the liberty, you're the hope ♫
Agu: Oh mom, she have kissmeeeee, oh mom i'm in love with heeeeeeer ♫
Vicky: i have a world of sensations, a word of vibrations, that i can give to yooooouuuu ♫
Agu: pink, pink so wonderfoul as white pink as beautifoul flower you're love is condema to the sweet pena of sufriiiiir (? ♫

2 Abrieron el pico:

Miss Vicky dijo...

Insisto, no se porque desperdiciamos nuestro talento así.
Todavía te falta adivinar el de "Gooo, Go Mister, Gooo"
tenk iu for biing uit mi an meik mi laf {si lo entendes te regalo a mi mexicano (? }

Miss Vicky dijo...

- lets gooo, lets go to daaaance, lets go to dance until the madrugada ♫
- stop joder and don't make crazy, go to eash your mouth, you gave a kiss and you almost killme of the baranda of milk qe emanas ♫
- come here, come here, get in my gilera ♫
- hands to the sky (la' mano' arriba) hands to the sky can go off this dance who drinks alone and don't convidaaa ♫
- raise your hands if you wanna dance, raise you hands ♫
- with your hands up menea forme, with your hands up menea forme, , slowly to the botton menea for meee ♫
- because the girls are drunk, agachate and give me your panties ♫